We were reminded at the last CSA Board Meeting that the exit onto 44 has blind area. You cannot see pedestrians and cyclists that are in the walkways approaching the entrance. So please approach slowly and look for them before rolling forward to see traffic and pull out.

For the benefit of our residents Bouchelle is offering a RIDE ALONG PROGRAM so residents may make an appointment to ride around the Island with the CSA President in our golf cart to view all the various projects that are currently in the works or being considered for the near future. In addition you may also schedule an appointment to ride with our Security Officers and see the nightly duties they perform. To schedule an appointment call Walt at 352-348-3025.

This is a reminder to please be sure you have your amenity passes with you. During the holiday weekends we will have extra security and they will be checking to make sure that we have no intruders on the island. Please remember you may have 4 guests with you. Have a great summer!!

Recently, there have been issues with recycling. The workers will NOT sort through items. If there are several items in the bin that don’t belong – they will dump it in with the regular trash and all your efforts will be wasted.

Click here for recycling information you should know and follow to help make our efforts more successful.